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Special Notice!
To accommodate our American Round Archery League, all firearm ranges will be closed on Wednesday nights at 5:30 pm, and Monday mornings between 9 to 11 am.


8 to 12 Year Old:
1st place AMEILO CASCIOTTI (left)
2nd place ZACH TOMLISMAN (center)
3rd place OLIVIA BRIGHAM (right)

13 to 17 Year Old:
  1st place JACOB HOUSEKNECT (center)  Jacob has won 2
years in a row!
2nd place HUNTING PRIOR (right)
3rd place BRADEN LAROCK (left)




Membership News 
11 December 2014

Damon Draxler-Bedrosian, our new club President, will be taking over membership.  The club would like to thank Kevin Rogers for handling membership for the past two years.
Some changes to how we handle membership follow:
Memberships and Key Fobs can be obtained by calling Damon at 607-483-3112 to make arrangements to meet or by coming to a club meeting – 1 hour before (5:30pm to 6:30pm) and right after the meeting. 
Key Fobs will not be mailed – you must pick them up so they can be tested.
Or you can handle your membership by mailing your application to the club address:  PO Box 110, Pine City, NY  14871.  Applications can be printed from the website
Meetings are the last Monday of the month except May – which will be the 18th and November which will be the 23rdNOTE:  Club meeting start time will change starting January 1 – from 6pm to 6:30pm.
Remember – dues are going up starting January 1, 2015, plus you will incur a late fee of $25 if you renew after December 31.
Next meeting is December 29, 2014 at 6pm – Elections – we have two people running for VP and 5 people running for the 4 executive board positions.  The Secretary position will be put out for nominations and vote.  All other positions are unopposed.
December 29 – from 5 – 6pm – you can take care of your membership and key fob at the club.


Due to the lack of help and participation, TRAP has been closed for the season.  

If you are interested in running the program, please contact a member of the board.

Club Memebers - Please click the 
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 Pine City Sportsmen's Club, Inc.
187 Mountain View Drive
PO Box 110
Pine City, NY 14871

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